We specialize in the production, handling, storage and marketing of fresh fruit, applying a strict control on the source, harvest and cooling process, which allows us to offer our customers a high quality end product.
The new facility, inaugurated in 2014, has allowed us to make a quantum leap in both the cold process and in the development of the handling and distribution of our fruit.
All our products come from both our own farms and producers, who have in Excelsiorfruit the best way of marketing their fruit.
With these producers, we carry out a comprehensive control from planting to harvesting and consultancy of the varieties that determines the best varieties for the area and which varieties the markets require by means of a thorough study.
In addition to all this, we must add that we are located in one of the best fruit areas of Spain, with privileged climatic conditions of sun and cold, which is why we can provide fruit with the best possible ripening, texture and flavour.



Our doctrine is being committed to quality.
We have adapted our business to new technologies, so as to strictly conform to the legal requirements, in addition to developing a strict quality control in order to ensure that the commercialization of our products are developed with the maximum health guarantees, obsessed with maintaining the confidence and satisfaction of our customers.
We have the GLOBAL-GAP quality certification and we market under the Integrated Production certification that supports it since 2009, both in the field and in the horticultural handling plant.


Excelsiorfruits, which initially carried out its business in the domestic market, has invested in foreign expansion in recent years.
Currently, we are present in the best national and international markets.